It takes a village.

I remember when my first born turned one year old. It is an emotional time to process your baby reaching that grand milestone - but also just as much of a proud parent moment. It's time to give yourself a "pat on the back"... you have not only keep this little human alive for one whole year but also learned a ton about yourself in the process. It's a time to celebrate with your "village"! The people who have been there in support of this wild ride.

Upon arriving at this families' home I was immediately greeted with warm welcomes and champagne, my kind of people for sure 😉

Guests mingled while oohing and awwwing over Noah's cuteness and love for bubbles, we created a few "framers" for them outdoors, and we watched him successfully smash his cake. He was even kind enough to "share" with mama.

Most importantly, we documented. Each day is a blessing, each milestone one to be proud of. The people we get to celebrate with today may not be with us tomorrow. Love them, laugh with them, take photos you can look back on with them. And if you want to hire us to do it for you, it never hurts to have a Bellini ready. Just sayin.